Vegetarian Restaurants in Hyderabad

There is a sudden rise in the demand for Vegetarian Restaurants in Hyderabad. And this is no mere coincidence or a random happening. Masses of families, especially belonging to the Jain, Gujarati and Sindhi communities are increasingly particular about restaurants having a kitchen dedicated only to vegetarian cooking. Owing to this demand, there are many new vegetarian restaurants that are coming up catering to this special segment of vegetarian food lovers.

But is a Vegetarian Diet any beneficial? Let’s uncover some reasons to find out –

  1. Longevity – A vegetarian diet ensures you’ll live longer. Research suggests that vegetarians are less likely to develop any risks towards cancer.
  2. Reduced Heart Risk – Your heart is healthier if you stick to a vegetarian diet. Studies have claimed that a major reason behind cardiovascular disease is the high amount of saturated fat and cholesterol found in meat products. So eat away the greens for a healthy heart.
  • More Savings – A vegetarian diet is not only healthy but also lighter on the pocket. As you cut the meat, you’ll also cut a major portion of your earnings and hence, saving more money.


  1. A fruity plate – As your plate gets filled with more vegetables and fruits, it becomes more colourful. Fruits are naturally rich in many vitamins and minerals which are an added benefit.
  2. Weight Control – Veggies are a great way to ensure your weight is under control. You can avoid the extra flab and the extra fats easily by avoiding meat.
  3. Eco Friendly – A vegetarian diet is eco-friendly by default. Meat production involves a lot of energy and industrial processes that end up releasing harmful gases and in turn harm the environment. By adopting a vegetarian diet, you’ll ensure Mother Nature feels better.
  • Fibre Rich Diet – Vegetables and Fruits are rich in fibre. A fibre rich diet is good for a health body and ensures a good bowel system.

Apart from the above listed benefits, being a vegetarian also signifies that you stand up for animal rights. People would look up to you as a role model for your choice.